“Very serious joke. Aluminium & Brass”
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A tool made almost for fun, in my spare time. An idea came to my mind one morning while I was probably brushing my teeth and remained in the depths of my imagination for who knows how long. Why not making a carved metal top on a wooden body, mahogany in this case, using the colour contrast of the materials, aluminium and brass? The hypothesis seemed to be well founded and I started to work recovering some aluminium and brass plates that I had used for other projects. A good quantity of epoxy glue to create a sort of “sandwich” in layers and then proceed to carve the top. A few stainless steel safety screws and go. It’s funny to remember how I came up with the idea for the inlay… I found myself with an endless number of metal chips of various sizes glittering on the workbench. With a burin I carved some grooves on the rosewood fingerboard, of random threadlike shapes, and filled them with the fibres. The effect reminded me of a seabed, made of seaweeds and air bubbles. The stylised rod completes the work. The guitar has mahogany kaia body and neck, 24.75″ scale with gold Jescar frets. The owner, and those who have tried it, ensures that the weight does not significantly exceed that of a vintage Les Paul”… Let’s Play

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