“Snack guitar”
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“Never has the name of a guitar been so apt. It is often my customers who come up with a name to give the instrument they ask me to make for them. They often already have a name in mind well before I start building it. You can see it in their faces as if they wanted to tell you right away, as if they wanted to imagine the feeling of holding it in their hands. That’s what happened this time too…  “M”ahogany & “M”aple, for my friend from Florida… Let’s Play

Particularity of this instrument is the presence of a light spruce bracing on the back as well. It was made with the intention of adding structural tension, with the same principle used for the soundboard, also to that part of the instrument with the hope that it would restore greater resonance.

All the archtop models presented on these pages are entirely handmade by luthier Emanuele D’Alò, owner of the Shank Instruments Milano brand. The instruments are built according to the dictates of the Benedetto method and both soundboards and backs are handcarved from solid wood.

Demo video available soon on this page.

  • Soundboard: mahogany solid wood, handcarved
  • Back: mahogany solid wood, handcarved
  • Sides: flamed maple
  • Size: 17″
  • Height sides: 2,3″
  • Neck: spanish cedar (cedrela), C shape. Height 1st fret  0,8″ (22mm)
  • Fretboard: ebony, 20 frets medium jumbo
  • Radius: 12″
  • Bracing soundboard: parallel
  • Bracing back: X
  • Diapason: 24,75″ (Gibson)
  • Nut: 1,7″ – Bone
  • Pickup: custom handwound humbucker
  • Bridge: ebony
  • Finish: poliurethane
  • Weight: 7.0 lbs (3,2 kg)



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