“Shakira not coincidentally. Walnut single block body. Bigsby, TV Jones Powertron Plus. Oil & wax finishing”.
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  It was lying there on the workbench, just finished, when they told me it looked like a tanned Shakira coming out of the water of a beach at sunset. But it was not her, not Shakira. In fact, the Les Paul has the shape of a beautiful body and the colour of the walnut wood reminds of an amber-coloured skin. But it was not her. And I fell in love with it immediately, just for the way I had imagined it. Let’s play.


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  1. Riccardo

    Ottimo strumento, grande suonabilità.
    Un solo Pick-up: back to basics. E’ una fantastica maniere di (ri) imparare a usare volumi e toni.
    Ottime vibrazione, adoro il Noce.

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